Test Automation Training

Testers aren’t developers. At least most of them aren’t. Or they didn’t start out that way. But now you have a bunch of automated tests, an organically grown test framework, and assorted tools for managing test data and environments.

Your developers won’t touch the tests. They’re only kept running by a miracle — and by a herculean effort from that one tester who everyone seems to depend on, who never seems to have time to do their own work.

Or maybe you’re transitioning from manual testing to test automation and don’t know where to start. Sure, there are lots of tutorials and videos online to teach Selenium, Cypress, RestAssured, or other tools.

But between Udemy & Pluralsight, Stack Overflow & Google searches, your testers are making progress (and maybe learning from their mistakes) but there’s got to be a better way to learn how to develop test automation faster, and avoid those time consuming mistakes.

One Shore can help you with training from basic level programming skills to understanding test frameworks and automation tools — and not only learn it quicker, but avoid those costly mistakes and pitfalls that might only show up months (or years) later to come back and bite you.

You probably already have people on your team who have amazing skills. Bringing them together with the others, establishing mentoring, training, and code review programs can help level up those where aren’t quite there, and give a boost to those struggling to get started.

We can tailor a test automation training program to target your specific tools and technology stack, and help set the goals you need to get the most out of your test team.

And we can do it while helping your testers address your real world problems. Which not only helps them get their real work done, it makes it so much easier to apply the concepts than with some sample application.

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