Continuous Delivery and Testing

Test Automation makes testing faster and easier. It frees up developer time to focus on delivering features. It gives assurance to DevOps and SRE teams that deployments and releases are successful. And it enables testers to spend more time doing high value exploratory testing and finding bugs.

But if there are still manual steps in your test automation, it’s not fully automated. If only one person can execute your test automation successfully, then that person can become a bottleneck (and will probably spend all their time helping other people to deliver their test results.)

In order to fully automated test automation, to provide the fastest feedback to developers, product owners, and others, you need tests to be triggered on every commit, every deploy, to every environment. And you need accurate, meaningful results published ASAP where everyone can see them.

No more emailing PDF or HTML test reports. No more passing around cut and pasted test environment statuses.

One Shore can help you fully integrate test automation into your software delivery pipeline and handle notifications and alerts when tests fail — so that nobody is surprised by test results that are out of date.

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